Give a loan. Change Lives.

Donate towards a loan to help a woman grow her business. Change her life and the lives of her children.

Loans of as little as $250 can grow a business to new heights globally. Loans are repaid and re-loaned to new people.

Your donation of a loan keeps on giving!

Click above to listen to the vision of iGive Global from founder Mike Gingerich.

iGive Global is an entrepreneurial-minded global non-profit that exists to help at-risk women, children, and people groups in difficult places around the world. Our mission is to Empower extraordinary lives through investing in women and children with a particular focus on microfinance business loan opportunities to help them grow their businesses.

We do this by finding and partnering with local organizations, as well as other great non-profit organizations and NGO’s doing incredible work locally and globally with local training and support.

They train, They support. We offer the loan. Lives are changed. Businesses grow.

Loans: A Great Way to Offer a Hand Up

We believe there is so much potential in people’s lives that is not realized and unleashed.  

Particularly for the poor, displaced, women, children, and people groups in tough places around the world, there has been a gap in opportunity.

iGive Global exists to find and fill that gap, finding opportunities to empower these individuals to realize the fullness of their God-given potential through small business loans and to become agents of change themselves that impact the world. We do this through support, consulting, visits, and microfinance lending. We do this by operating efficiently, effectively, and with urgency from an entrepreneurial mindset.

The iGive Global Story

Founded by Mike Gingerich in 2015, Mike knows that we can be overwhelmed by the needs we hear about and thus we are not sure how to take action.  Mike wanted to add value by “connecting people to people” where he can vet and verify needs and make a way for support to reach those who may not otherwise be empowered.  His philosophy is to add value and that everyone can help one!  If we all reach out, many can be empowered and see their best potential fulfilled!

iGive Global looks for ways to partner with others.  Whether this be existing organizations or fringe spots with great need.  One focus is in developing areas and troubled spots around the world where we can partner with local empowering organizations.  This can be in microfinance, business training opportunities and other works that fulfill our aim to see the poor, displaced, at-risk women, children, and people groups empowered and unleashed to fulfill their potential.  

This means meeting practical needs for food, education, support, and small business loans done in the love of Jesus.  Many times through no fault of their own due to situations like war, governmental policies and practices, and natural disasters, there is a segment of our world with great potential but very limited opportunity.

Our goal is to change that one person and one family at a time. To see children, women, and other minorities have their needs met and to see their dreams become reality.

The Foundation and Vision of iGive Global

iGive Global seeks to be the connecting tool to see lives changed in places with less opportunity.  

iGive Global is the connecting entity, enabling people to be connected with ministries, non-profits, and work in needy places around the world.  Through on-site visits and vetted giving opportunities, people giving and serving with iGive Global have the opportunity to invest their talents and resources, and be equipped as leaders and agents of change to be part of empowering extraordinary lives!

iGive Global is a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.  Learn more about iGive Global.