The vision for iGive Global started after founder Mike Gingerich worked for a non-profit in the early 2000’s.

mike gingerich

Through the course of that work he traveled to various parts of the world, typically not vacation and comfortable spots but places where he saw poverty and difficult life circumstances first-hand.  With visits to more than 25 countries during that time and experiencing what the lives of some of the most challenged looked like in various places globally, he moved on changed with a vision for helping people of other nations and ethnicities. 

These personal experiences, combined with an entrepreneurial background and mindset along with a belief that “business” is a “common language” globally, he wanted to find a way to not just see “hand-outs” but “hand-ups”, or put another way, not just resources being given but resources being invested with a return on the investment, which led Mike to look for ways of connecting the business savvy methods he used in his business to find solutions that helped others in great need and with limited resources reach their full potential…and in 2015, iGive Global was born!

iGive Global was founded with the goal of being an entrepreneurial-minded non-profit both in how iGive Global operates and also in how iGive Global partners and seeks to empower those they serve with.

Give a Loan. Change Lives.

iGive Global looks for ways to partner with others in developing areas of the world to invest in empowering work.  This can be in microfinance, business and training opportunities, and other opportunities that fulfill our aim to see women, children, and people groups empowered and unleashed to fulfill their life potential.

Recent partners have included Kiva.org for empowering women and minorities in Jordan, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, and more.  And orphanages including Orphanage Support Services Organization in Ecuador and Hope Haven in Belize.

iGive Global offers professionals the opportunity to empower others in need through:

  • Vision Trips for learning, team building, and leadership development
  • Investing in the lives and businesses of those doing amazing things on very limited resources in difficult places globally
  • Consulting for your organization to help you discover new ways to make an impact with a focus on the 3P’s mission.

iGive Global is a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.

Advisory Board of iGive Global

jessika phillips iGive Global advisory board

Jessika Phillips, Lima, OH

Known as the Queen of Relationship Marketing, Jessika is on a mission to redefine corporate America and create something she wanted to be part of. Jessika founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 with only a laptop and a vision to give people with heart an upper hand. NOW Marketing Group was recognized as Inc. Best Places to Work 2022, is a Forbes-recognized Agency Partner, Partnered with Facebook, Google and is a certified inbound partner with Hubspot. 

Jessika brings a passion for women in business and relationship marketing to the board as well as bringing a big heart for helping.

Jim fuhs igive global

Jim Fuhs, Atlanta, GA

Jim is a retired Marine and now Marine Corps Leadership fuses with Marketing. He brings 20 plus years of highly successful leadership experience as a Marine Corps Officer to bear in the ever-changing world of Marketing and Technology.

He is co-host of Dealcasters, an Amazon Live show that educates the audience on technology for livestreaming, podcasting, and business. Jim also runs Fuhsion Marketing and is a member of the Amazon Influencer program.

Jim is a natural connector and networker who brings a passion for service to the board.

Viveka von Rosen, Loveland, CO

Viveka is a well-known expert in the field of digital marketing, personal branding and social media strategy, specifically LinkedIn. She is the Co-founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso, a cutting-edge company dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to skyrocket their productivity, amplify their online presence, and expand their reach by harnessing the transformative power of social selling and digital marketing strategies. 

Viveka brings a strong female entrepreneurial voice and years of startup experience to the board along with extensive international experience.

Will Rosenberg, Fargo, ND

Will is an artist and keynote speaker that specializes in impacting audiences with the power of creativity and story. His focus is to bring out the RESILIENCE that is within each and every one of us. Whether as a Corporate Speaker, a Motivational Business Speaker, a Small Business Speaker, a Stadium Entertainer, or as Fundraiser Entertainment / Inspiration, Will customizes each event to meet the specific needs of the event planner/audience.

Will brings years of international experience, training, and creativity to the board.

Kim Garst, West Virginia

Kim’s mission is to help businesses understand how to train AI to reflect their unique voice and brand message. She helps clients imagine an AI that not only works smarter but also resonates with their audience because it’s imbued with their genuine voice. By marrying authenticity with AI’s capabilities, she helps clients foster connections that are real and drive growth like never before. Kim is an advocate for women-owned businesses.

Kim brings years of digital and marketing experience, training, and creativity to the board.

About the Founder

Mike Gingerich lives out a passion to “add value”, seeing businesses and people grow into their highest potential. 

He is President and founder of Mike Gingerich Global, a consultant, blogger, noted speaker, as well as author of multiple books on leadership and personal growth.

His aim is to help people and businesses grow….Grow in creating a business and life that has impact. It’s about the right tools and the right strategies working together by focusing on three key areas.


Mike’s aim is to live a life that adds value and is uncommon! To do this he is a Wellness Coach that specializes in unique, holistic body/mind/spirit integrative methods.

He believes in being bold, decisive, and making an impact.

He’s also a dedicated runner and triathlete. He likes to challenge himself and participate in races and events with a higher purpose. He’s raised funds for iGive Global by running a marathon in Iraq and also by completing an Ironman 70.3. He’s overcome arthritis and developed a 1/2 marathon training program that helps runners over 45 train for and accomplish long events without massive time investment.