iGive Global started with Mike Gingerich participating in mission trips in various parts of the world.  Then when his oldest daughter also went and served with Ascend Ministries for 3 months in 2015 in Honduras, the desire to empower others magnified.

This personal experience, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset to not just see “hand-outs” but “hand-ups”, led Mike to look for ways of connecting the business savvy methods he used in his work to find solutions that helped others in great need and with limited resources reach their full potential…and iGive Global was born!

iGive Global is a globally-minded, Christian non-profit organization that exists to Empower extraordinary lives!

Mike believed there is so much potential in the lives of people that is not realized and unleashed.

Our particular area of focus is the poor, widows, and orphans.

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They often live at a disadvantage with little means to see their potential realized to its full capacity.  iGive exists to find and fill that gap, finding opportunities to empower these individuals to realize the fullness of their God-given potential and to become agents of change themselves that impact the world.

iGive Global looks for ways to partner with others in developing areas of the world to invest in empowering ministries.  This can be in microfinance, business and ministry training opportunities and other missions that fulfill our aim to see the poor, widows, and orphans empowered and unleashed to fulfill their potential.

Recent partners have included Kiva.org for empowering women and minorities in Jordan, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, and more.  And orphanages including Orphanage Support Services Organization in Ecuador and Hope Haven in Belize.

Launched in 2015, iGive Global was founded by Mike Gingerich.

iGive Global offers professionals the opportunity to empower others in need through:

  • Using their expertise to train and mentor those in less developed areas and areas where resources are limited through on-site visits
  • Investing in the lives and projects of those doing amazing things on very limited resources in needy parts of the world

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iGive Global is a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.