More than a Small Loan: Local Partner Spotlight on Support

more than a small loan services by Fundacion Espoir

In the vibrant landscapes of Ecuador, an organization called FundaciĆ³n ESPOIR is making a significant impact on the lives of micro-entrepreneurs, particularly women by providing so much more than a small loan. This non-governmental organization (NGO) specializes in providing individual and group microcredit loans, coupled with a comprehensive range of educational and life support services. … Read more

Empowering Alicia Nayda: A Story of Resilience and Entrepreneurship in Ecuador

In the heart of Portoviejo, Ecuador, lies a story of resilience, perseverance, and entrepreneurship. Meet Alicia Nayda, a determined woman with a big heart, supporting her family through her small clothing and jewelry business. Alicia’s Story On April 16, 2016, an earthquake struck the city, leaving Alicia and her family to face the challenges of … Read more

Growing with Ana Maria in Ecuador

ana maria ecuador

Ana Maria is in a rural area of Ecuador. Ecuador is in the northern, western part of South America right beside Colombia and above Peru. She’s getting a new, second loan after previously receiving and paying back a loan to grow her food service business. For over two decades, Ana Maria has been the heart … Read more

Introducing Asifiwe: Empowering Women Farmers for a Better Future

Lend to Asifiwe in Tanzania

In a world where agriculture plays a vital role in sustaining communities, individuals like Asifiwe are making a significant impact. Asifiwe, a hardworking 35-year-old farmer, hails from an area abundant in agricultural potential. With a family of two children who are currently attending school, Asifiwe’s dedication to her craft has allowed her to provide for … Read more

2023 Year in Review

tena jungle ecuador

2023 for a banner year for investing in the lives of at-risk women, children, and people groups around the world! In this year in review article we’ll try to highlight key events and activities as we embarked to fulfill our mission and expand the work of iGive Global. Let’s dive into the details. New Board … Read more

October Ironman 70.3 Fundraiser Launched

mike Gingerich ironman 70.3 triathlon finish

Mike Gingerich, founder of iGive Global, has launched a new fundraising effort, the Ironman 70.3 Fundraiser Triathlone for a Cause, in connection with his participation in the October Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Wilmington, North Carolina. iGive Global’s mission centers around empowering women, children, and refugees worldwide by providing support to empower them to rise to … Read more

Maximizing Employee Engagement: Key Tips and Takeaways

Maximizing Employee Engagement: Key Tips and Takeaways

Engaged employees are vital to any company’s success and sustainability initiatives. When employees feel connected to an organization’s mission and values, they are more likely to be satisfied in their roles, committed to their work, and invested in company goals. For small businesses looking to improve their “People” component of the Triple Bottom Line framework … Read more