Fall Mission 2015

One of our key initiatives is to see Gospel Ranch Honduras grow and thrive.

goodwins-gospel-ranchStarting from the grassroots level, they have been creative and innovative to launch and take in 6 children to date.  Serving the city of Gracias in the western Honduran mountain area, they are the only orphan home in the entire Lempira district (state) that meets the unique niche of kids that are outside the adoption system but yet have no family able to take them in.

My daughter, Karisa, served here in the spring of 2015 for 3 months.  As a 15 year old, it was a great experience being in another culture and connecting with the children and work there.  In fact, it was out of this mission vision and the desire to do more and to help Gospel Ranch more that iGive Global was then birthed!

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What it’s all about: Opportunity

So why create iGive Global? Aren’t there enough non-profits already out there? Good questions and I”ll dive into answers here! iGive Global is about giving opportunity….opportunity to those who are on the fringes and outside the mainstream.  It’s about finding those, and there are millions, who will benefit from a “hand up.” Yes, there are … Read more

iGive Global – A Opportunity to Give Back

iGive Global is an international non-profit organization providing professionals the opportunity to give back and utilize their expertise to those with great potential but limited access to resources around the world. Launched in 2013, iGive Global was founded by Mike Gingerich. iGive Global offers professionals the opportunity to give back to others by using their expertise … Read more