October Ironman 70.3 Fundraiser Launched

mike Gingerich ironman 70.3 triathlon finish

Mike Gingerich, founder of iGive Global, has launched a new fundraising effort, the Ironman 70.3 Fundraiser Triathlone for a Cause, in connection with his participation in the October Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Wilmington, North Carolina. iGive Global’s mission centers around empowering women, children, and refugees worldwide by providing support to empower them to rise to … Read more

Maximizing Employee Engagement: Key Tips and Takeaways

Maximizing Employee Engagement: Key Tips and Takeaways

Engaged employees are vital to any company’s success and sustainability initiatives. When employees feel connected to an organization’s mission and values, they are more likely to be satisfied in their roles, committed to their work, and invested in company goals. For small businesses looking to improve their “People” component of the Triple Bottom Line framework … Read more

iGive Global’s Summer 2023 Impact Report

summer 2023

Expanding horizons and making a difference: this summer has seen iGive Global actively engaged in empowering lives and forging new partnerships. In this Summer 2023 Impact Report, we share the key areas where we’ve made a significant imprint from June to September. Microfinance Empowering Mothers & Refugees Our venture in the realm of microfinance has … Read more

The Circular Economy Business Model: A Look at Driving Profits with Eco-Friendly Methods

the circular economy

Today’s forward-thinking businesses understand that strategic sustainability is more than just a passing trend. In a rapidly evolving business landscape with environmental concerns and growing consumer demand for sustainability protocols, business survival and growth increasingly depend on adaptation and innovation. An approach that forward-thinking businesses are now exploring is circular economy strategies. Not only does … Read more

Implementing the Triple Bottom Line for Impact

how to implement the triple bottom line in business

Many businesses focus solely on profits and growth, but a growing number of forward-thinking organizations are adopting a triple bottom line approach that considers their impact on People, Planet and Profit. By implementing strategies that positively impact all three areas, businesses can gain a competitive advantage through enhancing their reputation, attracting top talent, and meeting … Read more