Rebuild Homes and Lives in Iraq Supporting Mike’s Iraq Marathon

  The Iraq Marathon Fundraiser Quick Snapshot Originally shared on iGive Global founder Mike Gingerich is running a marathon, 26.2 miles, in a race in Iraq this October With iGive Global we are raising funds for families that had their homes destroyed by ISIS in the greater Mosul area of northern Iraq It takes … Read more

Rebuilding Homes and Lives in Iraq

The opportunity and need is before us!  We can rebuild homes and lives in Iraq since ISIS has been pushed out. After Qaraqosh, a largely Christian populated town in Iraq outside of Mosul, was captured in 2014 by ISIS, they drove out the believers, destroyed the churches, and gutted or destroyed hundreds of homes. Now … Read more

Supporting Refugees with Run for Refugees 1300

“Go and do likewise.” A simple statement but with significant and powerful implications.  That’s where the idea of “Run for Refugees” comes from. The statement comes from Jesus’ words in Luke 10:37 known most commonly as the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  It’s a statement that comes at the end of a story Jesus shares … Read more

Add Value, Be Uncommon – Life Wisdom in a Journal that Supports iGive Global

Add value. Be uncommon. Intriguing terms, but what do they mean in reality? It’s that very question that I wanted to flush out in more practical detail which prompted me to write a personal reflection journal with guided insights that define and expand on what it means to live a life that adds value and … Read more