Introducing Asifiwe: Empowering Women Farmers for a Better Future

Lend to Asifiwe in Tanzania

In a world where agriculture plays a vital role in sustaining communities, individuals like Asifiwe are making a significant impact. Asifiwe, a hardworking 35-year-old farmer, hails from an area abundant in agricultural potential. With a family of two children who are currently attending school, Asifiwe’s dedication to her craft has allowed her to provide for … Read more

October Ironman 70.3 Fundraiser Launched

mike Gingerich ironman 70.3 triathlon finish

Mike Gingerich, founder of iGive Global, has launched a new fundraising effort, the Ironman 70.3 Fundraiser Triathlone for a Cause, in connection with his participation in the October Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Wilmington, North Carolina. iGive Global’s mission centers around empowering women, children, and refugees worldwide by providing support to empower them to rise to … Read more

iGive Global’s Summer 2023 Impact Report

summer 2023

Expanding horizons and making a difference: this summer has seen iGive Global actively engaged in empowering lives and forging new partnerships. In this Summer 2023 Impact Report, we share the key areas where we’ve made a significant imprint from June to September. Microfinance Empowering Mothers & Refugees Our venture in the realm of microfinance has … Read more

Add Value, Be Uncommon – Life Wisdom in a Journal that Supports iGive Global

Add value. Be uncommon. Intriguing terms, but what do they mean in reality? It’s that very question that I wanted to flush out in more practical detail which prompted me to write a personal reflection journal with guided insights that define and expand on what it means to live a life that adds value and … Read more