Entrepreneurs and Children Receiving Support

entrepreneurs and children receiving support

As part of the mission of iGive Global in 2023, we’ve been focusing our efforts on supporting under-served, at-risk, and high-need minorities worldwide. This has resulted in a focus on women entrepreneurs and also children receiving support. They are often at the intersection of greatest need and least access to help. With a goal of helping empower persons with great potential in difficult circumstances, we have selected and been investing in a number of non-profits that connect with our mission around the world.

These non-profits include organizations doing microfinance lending to small and often solo-entrepreneurs. In this case, we have chosen to focus on women, particularly single women and mothers globally who are industrious and want to build a small business that can support their families. We are choosing vetted individuals who are receiving coaching and support locally through Kiva.org. Kiva is known worldwide for its work in supporting entrepreneurs. The value is that our investment joins others to provide seed money loans to grow small businesses and these loans are repaid so that the funds can then assist someone else. Much more than a hand-out, this is a hand-up with an investment in a business plan and the local support and oversight to help these ladies succeed.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Currently iGive Global has partnered with over 30 loans to women in Central America, South America, the Middle East, and beyond to enable women to have their loans funded and their businesses to receive the capital they need to grow and expand. A list of our loans and the recipients can be seen here on the Kiva website.

Supporting Children

While women entrepreneurs are building small businesses to support themselves, many children worldwide are not able to support themselves but they need assistance to see their great potential in life realized. iGive Global has chosen to support two organizations where we have relationships to invest in the lives of children who are at risk and in need of support.

Both non-profits offer homes, education, and early childhood development care to those who otherwise would not be receiving any support. The organizations are Hope Haven Children’s Home and Community Center in Belize, and Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO) in Ecuador.

This two-fold mission of women entrepreneurs and children receiving support is way to help in the present and the future. The support of entrepreneurs fits with Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit and belief that small businesses can make a huge impact in the lives of many around the world. All of this done with love and care for those in great need in difficult situations globally provides hope and future for many.

Please join us in supporting this mission and helping these wonderful women and children, and the organizations doing the frontline support work.