Growing with Ana Maria in Ecuador

Ana Maria is in a rural area of Ecuador. Ecuador is in the northern, western part of South America right beside Colombia and above Peru. She’s getting a new, second loan after previously receiving and paying back a loan to grow her food service business.

For over two decades, Ana Maria has been the heart and soul of her thriving sweet and candy business. With a little help from our organization last year, she was able to renovate and expand her kitchen, adding a new dimension to her culinary creations. But Ana Maria isn’t stopping there. She’s now seeking a loan to purchase essential ingredients like sugar, flour, eggs, potatoes, oils, and a new tamale pot to continue enhancing her unique recipes. Her goal? To keep delighting her customers with scrumptious, freshly made treats.

Ana Maria, a 63-year-old powerhouse of resilience, kindness, and honesty, shares her home with her adult son. From their rented house, she whips up an array of delectable goods – bread, jams, jellies, and sweets – which she sells on the bustling streets, especially during peek hours. Her kiosk is a magnet for sweet-toothed patrons who can’t get enough of her mouth-watering creations and are always eager for more.

To meet this growing demand, Ana Maria needs additional working capital and is seeking a loan to purchase figs, candied sugar, jelly, flour, cream, fruit, and other ingredients.

The Significance of This Loan

This loan holds a special place in our hearts as it aims to support vulnerable refugee communities in a secluded region of Ecuador.

Facilitated by, this loan is administered locally by trusted Lending Partner, VisionFund Ecuador, a local organization dedicated to empowering borrowers and providing essential services within these communities.

About the Local Partner on the Ground: VisionFund Ecuador:

VisionFund Ecuador’s mission is to uplift vulnerable populations residing along Ecuador’s border with Colombia, an area with limited financial services and a high concentration of Colombian refugees seeking refuge from guerrilla conflict. This loan is a beacon of hope for these vulnerable individuals, offering them a chance to build sustainable businesses and transform their lives.

VisionFund Ecuador is a pioneering microenterprise development fund committed to supporting entrepreneurs who lack access to conventional financial systems. Their focus lies in empowering vulnerable communities, particularly women, in Ecuador’s marginalized urban and rural sectors. With clients spanning various industries, including agriculture, artisan crafts, and commercial and service sectors, our loan funds play a crucial role in expanding VisionFund Ecuador’s outreach to impoverished communities in the country’s rural regions.