High-Altitude Ecuador Custom Running Trip

At just over 9,300 feet in elevation (2850 m), Quito, Ecuador is an ideal high-altitude runner’s training location.

As the capital of Ecuador and a UNESCO World Heritage site, it has all the amenities of a big city including large parks with paved trails and a track, parks with managed gravel trails, and close to the single-track dirt trails that off-road runners love. Plus volcanic craters, trails over 13,000 feet, and nearby waterfalls and hot springs that make this unforgettable!

We can coordinate your entire trip and provide the type of environment and experience you want for the perfect training and fun adventure!

  • Park Loop Runs
  • Track for speedwork
  • Trail running
  • Hiking / volcano crater rim views
  • Culture / history / art experiences
  • High quality dining and meals
Quito, Ecuador high altitude runners training camp

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Plus, all the while knowing that your visit helps to create more ways for at-risk women and indigenous peoples in rural areas in the Andes and Amazon to grow their small businesses and provide for their families via iGive Global! A win-win!!

Easy to get to, Quito is generally a 4-5 hour flight from many major U.S. cities!

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High Altitude Runner’s Training Camp

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Cheaper costs for living and training than the U.S.

Higher than Flagstaff, AZ; Boulder, CO; Park City, UT, and even Mammoth Lakes, CA, for altitude training, the added benefit of Quito is the lower cost of living and rent that cannot be matched in any of these American cities. Enjoy the amenities you need to train well, nourishing meals meeting your needs, and a customized trip plan for your desired length of stay whether that is 7, 10, 14, 30, or some other specific number of days you need!

Generally, the airfare cost is much less than trying to get to France or Kenya. Also, it is on U.S. Eastern time or Central time year-round so there is no major jet lag and time changes to adjust to (like going east or west to Europe, Africa or Asia). Did we mention that the U.S. dollar is the currency so there is no need to exchange your funds as well?

Set Training Camp, Hybrid, or Fully Customized

We offer three different types of high-altitude runners training camps.

Standard – Set plans are offered 2-3 times a year and are generally 8-14-day camps under the guidance of a professional coach. These are great for the recreational runner who likes to run 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and marathons.

Hybrid – Hybrid plans are partially customized, meaning they use elements of our standard plan but have custom elements to meet the needs of you/your team that are specific to your goals, and are often a longer in duration for the more serious athlete such as 2-4 weeks. Often you may be supplying your own coaching and we are providing the locations and logistics plus experiences to make it go from good to unforgettable!

Fully Custom – The last option is great for professional runners, running teams, high school teams, college teams, and running clubs who need things catered to their specific goals and perhaps they supply their own coaching and simply need all the logistics and cultural experiences handled to make it easy and fun.

With options available for recreational runners, mid-level, and highly competitive, our team can make the experience a great training and cultural experience for you!

Costs are inclusive from touchdown to departure with lodging, food, and transportation provided along with some of Ecuador’s best running routes and cultural experiences. More than a training camp, it’s an experience of a lifetime to join others and experience Ecuador while training.

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Cost is dependent upon your interests and details of course.

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Want to go further into Ecuador?

Yes, we can do that too!

Perhaps after your training block, you would like to add on to your trip and visit the Galapagos Islands or go deeper into the Amazon jungle to get a fully authentic indigenous Amazon experience complete with a canoe trip to your lodging! We can coordinate that for you as well.

Our in-country Ecuadorian fearless tour leader Daniela Palacios owns Awesome Ecuador and has over 14 years of travel planning and tour guiding experience in Ecuador. Completely bilingual and with a Master’s degree in forest conservation and sustainability from the University of Toronto, Daniela Palacios has the experience to coordinate your trip of a lifetime.

About the Running Camp Coordinator

Mike Gingerich brings decades of running and triathlon experience to the table, along with global international experience (26+ countries and counting) and specific experience planning and coordinating trips with Awesome Ecuador for iGive Global in Ecuador. Mike is the founder of iGive Global and wants to see his passions for running, holistic living, the beauty of Ecuador, and helping those in need in Ecuador all come together.

Mike has run races globally, including Costa Rica, Canada, and a marathon in Iraq, and has used running and a 70.3 Ironman as ways to raise money for iGive Global.

He’s dedicated to ensuring you have a safe, powerful, fun, and unforgettable experience in this High Altitude Runner’s Training Camp in Quito and greater Ecuador!