iGive Global’s Summer 2023 Impact Report

Expanding horizons and making a difference: this summer has seen iGive Global actively engaged in empowering lives and forging new partnerships. In this Summer 2023 Impact Report, we share the key areas where we’ve made a significant imprint from June to September.

Microfinance Empowering Mothers & Refugees

Our venture in the realm of microfinance has allowed us to invest into 17 new microloans, with the aim of aiding single mothers and refugees to expand their businesses since June 1. Aligned with local organizations facilitating loan distribution overseen by Kiva, and supplemented by other contributors, our loan investments have ranged between $25 to $200 towards loans averaging $400-$1000.

A prime example is Carmen, a 39-year-old Venezuelan mother who relocated to Ecuador to escape economic turmoil. Her small food business is her family’s lifeline. Our loan is providing working capital, enabling her to meet growing customer demand by stocking more essential items like sugar, peanuts, or beans. These essentials not only drive her business but generate a higher profit margin on goods sold.

Investments in Children

We are proud to announce that we’ve invested more than $1,500 in summer 2023, into our chosen orphanages and child development centers in Ecuador and Belize since June.

In Ecuador, our involvement is concentrated on two Quito-based orphanages – San Vicente de Paul and Santa Lucia. While the former, managed by Catholic nuns, is a sanctuary for approximately 60 children, the latter serves as a home to over 30 children. Our contributions are coordinated through our partner, Orphanage Support Services (OSSO).

We are also contributing to Hope Haven Belize, in Ambergris Caye, Belize.  This is a children’s home and community center focused on poor, neglected, and at-risk children.  They provide food, shelter, counseling, and educational development activities.  Mike was able to visit this location earlier this year and learn more first-hand about their work and efforts.

English Language Scholarships for Immigrants

On home soil in the summer 2023, we’ve lent a helping hand to young immigrants endeavoring to better their lives. Arleen from Cuba and Juliana from Guatemala are just two of the many who, despite having limited English, have shown immense courage and determination in their new high school environment. To pave their way, we’ve joined forces with Immerse International to grant a $1500 scholarship. This will allow both to take an intensive English language course to build their language proficiency and strengthen their high school performance.

summer 2023

Triathlon 70.3: Racing for a Cause

On an exciting note, Mike announced a fundraising initiative through competing in the North Carolina Ironman 70.3 triathlon, set for October 21. The aim? Raising $3,070.30 to donate over $1,000 to each of the above-mentioned orphanages. This endurance race, Mike’s most challenging to date, includes a 1.2 mile saltwater swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and a half marathon of 13.1 miles. You can contribute to Mike’s $3070.30 goal here.

As we close our Summer 2023 chapter, iGive Global is thankful for making a difference in the lives of women, children, and refugees across the globe. We aim to invest in prospering lives, helping those who merely require that little push to realize their full potential and have the chance to live their best lives. Join us for more on this journey! Consider a donation today.