Impact Coaching and Consulting

impact consulting

Your business has been successful.

But in your mind, you wonder if maybe there is more than just profits to earn.

The answer is YES! Your business can be profitable AND make a lasting impact!

It’s time to think about purpose and legacy, and make thoughts a reality through actions. Do you want to do good? Do you want to have a positive impact? You can.

Consider Impact Coaching and Consulting focusing on the 3 P’s…

3 P’s: People, Profit, and Planet

Impact Coaching and Consulting with iGive Global helps your business evaluate, strategize, and implement a plan to empower your business to make a lasting impact. You’ve had success. You’re profitable and successful. Now is the time to add significance to your life and business endeavors.

Studies today show that, increasingly, consumers want to support brands that are doing good and that have a mission. They want to buy and support brands that share their values, and they are increasingly thinking about people and the planet.

Will you and your organization step up and step forward? Will your organization seek that next level of impact beyond the profitability bottom line and own the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of people and the planet beyond your products and services?

You can. Your business can. And iGive Global can help.

Engaging in an impact coaching or consulting opportunity with iGive Global immediately contributes to the “people” aspect of impact because a portion of your fees goes toward the mission of helping women, children, and refugees which is central to the work of iGive Global.

Impact Coaching for You

I specialize in guiding individuals through a transformative journey that not only helps them create a plan for clarifying and living out their unique life purpose, but also offers a holistic approach to personal growth and life transformation.

My starting point program, Live with Impact, a 3 session (50 minutes each) journey over 1 month serves as your guide, your map, and the headlamp, designed to break down the walls of self-doubt, clarify and sharpen your unique purpose and legacy, and lead you forward with actionable steps.

My work transforms your mess of thoughts, desires, and uncertainties into a place of purpose, balance, and joy, where the thoughts that have confined you become stepping stones, and the fog lifts to reveal a path that aligns with your unique purpose.

What I offer is an opportunity for deep, sustainable, actionable change. We’re not merely discussing ideas; we’re empowering you to become the owner of your own life purpose. This work isn’t just about achieving goals…

it’s about redefining what is possible.

Impact Consulting for your Organization

Is your business wanting to take that next step and begin impacting people (employees, vendors, contractors, community, world) in positive, purposeful, legacy-building, impact ways?

Has your profitability come at the expense of peace and joy? Are you ready to find ways to change that?

Are you seeing the need to do your part to help our planet be sustained and leave a good foundation for the next generations? It’s time to talk about how your business can make changes to impact the planet in positive ways. As I said before,

This work isn’t just about achieving goals…

it’s about redefining what is possible.

Ready to talk about how your business can move to a higher level of impact and legacy?

Reach out to setup your free initial call today!