Karisa Fall 2015

One of our key initiatives is to see Gospel Ranch Honduras grow and thrive.

goodwins-gospel-ranchStarting from the grassroots level, they have been creative and innovative to launch and take in 6 children to date.  Serving the city of Gracias in the western Honduran mountain area, they are the only orphan home in the entire Lempira district (state) that meets the unique niche of kids that are outside the adoption system but yet have no family able to take them in.

Karisa is now planning to go back to reconnect with the Goodwin’s and the children of Gospel Ranch in November.

She is going back with her grandparents, Bill and Sharon Hershey, for a 9 day visit.  The goals are:

  • to stay connected to the children
  • bring encouragement
  • bring funds and goods for specific needs beyond the weekly routine living needs of Gospel Ranch

Bill & Sharon are also on their second visit as they went with me (Mike) in April 2015 to visit for a week and found they really connected with the mission and ministry of Gospel Ranch.

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