Loans Invested to Change Lives in Early 2024

Have you ever been in a difficult financial spot and just wished there was a path forward? You were willing to do the work and you had a plan, you just needed some help to get you started? I’m sure we can all relate. We’ve been there. We know what it feels like. The stress, the anxiety, the burden. Early 2024 loans have enabled us to help in this area for some wonderful people!

What if you can be the answer to that for someone else? You can with a microloan contribution towards one of the at-risk people we invest in!

I’ve been in Costa Rica now for a month and am moving this week from the urban setting of San Jose to the mountains and volcanic area of La Fortuna before heading south to the Pacific coastal area of Quepos with cacao and coffee farms in a more jungle-esque area.

I’ve been able to have and set some meetings with non-profits that are new potential partners and that has been satisfying! My goal is to explore more opportunities for local partnerships that support our mission of helping at-risk women, children, and people groups with small loans for businesses.

In January we contributed two new loan investments to women in Africa. The first was to Asifiwe in Tanazania for her to grow expand her farm. The second was to Beatrice in Kenya for the expansion of her food sales. Their photo is above.

In February we invested in four loans to women. Two of them were in Costa Rica, and one each in Ecuador and the Philippines. These loans will help them grow their existing small businesses and provide for them and their families. As loans are repaid that money goes back into the loan investment fun as money to invest in new loans to others in need.

In March we were able to contribute to 4 new micro-loans for our ideal entrepreneurs, 3 in Costa Rica and 1 in Ecuador!

kiva loans in March

Whether it is adding a few more cows to the herd, expanding business services that can be offered, or adding new products to sell, empowering a entrepreneur in a difficult, often rural, spot can make the difference in their life, their family, and the community! Thanks to your generosity we have been able to do early 2024 loan investments that are helping at-risk women, people groups and their families have a way forward.

We do this in love and with training and support to ensure that they are well-cared for.

Will you consider a one-time donation or a monthly recurring donation to enable us to invest in the lives of some great people in difficult spots in the world?