Supporting Refugees with Run for Refugees 1300

“Go and do likewise.”

A simple statement but with significant and powerful implications.  That’s where the idea of “Run for Refugees” comes from.

The statement comes from Jesus’ words in Luke 10:37 known most commonly as the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  It’s a statement that comes at the end of a story Jesus shares when asked to respond to who a “neighbor” is, in the midst of a discussion of living out the verses “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Luke 10:27).  The story dives deep into cultural and national divisions, and demonstrates God’s heart that we need to transcend these and that there be no division or walls created by humankind that separate.

It is with that same mindset that I want to reach out to others with great potential and in great need to lend a neighborly hand.  That’s why I created iGive Global, and that’s the aim of this non-profit ministry…To be that helping hand to those going through incredibly difficult times and with little resources, but who have such great potential and open hearts to receive.

Firsthand Story of Refugee Support in Atlanta Area

My 17 year old daughter, Karisa, is currently in a cross cultural and mission training program in the greater Atlanta area.  Just this past month she’s been able to sit in the homes of refugees from Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and more to hear their stories and learn about their hard efforts to make a new life in the U.S.

One family has been separated for over 2 years.  The wife and children were able to come to the U.S. and the father was not approved immediately.  He now has a visa to come and was waiting on his passport with hopes to leave shortly but is now experiencing the 90 day delay as many other refugees are as well.  The mother works full-time, attends language school, and cares for the children on a small wage.  Life is not easy.

Photo by Jo F. Identities covered for privacy. Picture from a dinner Karisa attended with resettled family

Without looking to far, there are refugees in our community and large groups in countries like Germany that have taken in hundreds of thousands of those displaced by war, civil unrest, and terrorism.  They are our neighbors and they need a hand.  They are from Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Congo, and more.  They are from different nations, cultures, and at times religions, but as Jesus says, “go and do likewise.”

Where possible, how can we help our neighbors?

Run for Refugees 1300

That’s where my next fundraiser comes from.  I want to follow-up on what my daughter has been doing and the connections we’ve developed in Atlanta and Germany, and help raise funds for refugees trying to start over in these areas.

On Saturday, February 11, I’ll be running my first Half Marathon (13.1 miles).

It’s part of a drive south to pickup Karisa from her training in Atlanta and then swinging on over to Hilton Head Island for the run.  I’ve trained in rain, snow, cold, and all of those at once but that is nothing compared to the trials some of the refugee families have been going through!

I decided to try and make my run count for more than a personal accomplishment.  I’ve been inspired and motivated by the stories my daughter has shared of the efforts by refugees to “make a go of it” in the U.S.  Some of them are professional with advanced degrees, now working in factories third shift and driving truck other shifts to try and make ends meet.  They are trying to learn English and get their children adjusted in school while sometimes waiting and working to try and get the rest of the their family back together across nations.

They have great potential but limited resources!  They are our neighbors!

Will you sponsor me in my run and my goal to raise $1300 through my 13.1 mile half-marathon goal?

You can donate on iGive Global via the Donate page >

100% of the donations will go to help those refugees and works serving them that we have contact with in Atlanta and Germany.

This is my dream:

  • To complete a half marathon for the first time.
  • To do it in under 2:00 hours (My times show I’ll be close!)
  • And to raise $100 for each mile I cover!  $1300 total.

Can you help me and in so doing, help our new neighbors that have come in from many other nations?  Let’s make them feel welcome and give them than needed hand!

I’ll keep you posted via Facebook on updates and my race.

Once again, it’s February 11 so please act now to help support me in this effort!  Will you cover a mile?

P.S. Another simple way to support the work of iGive Global is through your purchases.  iGive Global is a registered and selectable charity in Amazon.

By simply doing your shopping on Amazon at (same site, just adds “smile” to track purchase amounts), Amazon will donate a small percentage of every purchase to iGive Global.

It’s all anonymous.  We don’t know who gives or how much they purchased on Amazon, we just get a donation sum each month from those that shopped at and who select iGive Global as their charity of choice!

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  1. A wonderful cause Mike and happy to contribute! I’ve been watching your training on-line and I admire your dedication and commitment, especially given the weather you have had to train in – I am absolutely confident you will smash that 2 hours! 🙂

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