What it’s all about: Opportunity

So why create iGive Global?

Aren’t there enough non-profits already out there?

Good questions and I”ll dive into answers here!


iGive Global is about giving opportunity….opportunity to those who are on the fringes and outside the mainstream.  It’s about finding those, and there are millions, who will benefit from a “hand up.”

Yes, there are organizations doing this but there is so much more need.  Personally I was impacted by the statement of  “I can’t reach everyone, but I can reach one.”  iGive Global is a way of narrowing down the immeasurable needs out there and taking specific action to help some specific individuals we know by name.

Our Kind of Help

Our kind of help is “A Hand up, not a hand out!” 

Yes, there are those doing this but there’s so much need and we have the connections with those on the ground who can and are making a difference!  We want to support them and partner with them!

We don’t seek to merely give, we seek vetted opportunities where the mindset is to empower and elevate.  Not just giving a fish but those with a vision to teach others how to fish so they can feed themselves.  This is figurative of course, as we’re not seeking fishing venues in particular, but where that mindset to empower those on the fringes is at work.  Let me say more about this..

Our Kind of Partner

We seek to find and work with those with entrepreneurial, creative, faith-needed vision and dreams.

Those who are taking big risks, going after those who have no hope and yet have so much potential.  Those with dreams and needs bigger than their resources, and those who have a mindset that includes:

  • empowering
  • multiplying
  • faith-based
  • Christ-centered
  • innovative
  • sustainable
  • reproducible

For example, we don’t want to give to a partner that wants to give a widow in need a cow.  That’s a handout.  They may give her some food to start but they want to find a way for her to earn income, to buy the cow through a low interest loan so that she can sell the milk, pay back the loan, and own the cow!  She’s then able to support herself and has the value of ownership of something she worked for.

For orphans, obviously they can’t work and pay back loans, but the environment they are in can be such that it foster their creativity and empowers them to dream and puts them in places to develop skills to become all they can be and to become those with this same type of mindset of empowering, innovative, self-sustaining style that is living in faith and doing all within a heart of love that flows from the love of Jesus.

It’s those that are reaching either orphans, widows, and those in poverty and who operate with a entrepreneurial spirit.  Like those who startup businesses, yet doing this to least the reached…and not just giving a handout but having vision that empowers and gives that “hand up”.

That’s why, that’s how, that who.

Ready to join us?  We’ve got vetted places we’ve been and people we know doing extraordinary things.  Join us and see the impact multiplied firsthand!